Developing Materials for A Literacy Environment

Principal functions of SRC include developing materials for a literate environment. Various categories of prototype teaching learning materials are produced such as

*          The basic literacy materials are the primers in 2 parts viz. Basic LiteracyPrimer and the Bridge Primer, wherein the curriculum incorporates teaching of 3 R's, awareness and functionality components into one. Exercises and self-evaluation through test papers are also in-built.

*          Promotional materials produced by SRC include print materials in form of posters, pamphlets, leaflets, wall newspapers, stickers, etc. and non-print materials such as audio and video cassettes, spots, films for television, scripts for street corner plays, etc. that can help in building up an environment conducive for literacy.

*          For strengthening of teaching learning process in basic literacy phase, teaching charts and other aids like flash cards, games etc are producedfor volunteers along with other enrichment materials such as teachersguide, reference book, informative booklets, folders, activity based manuals, etc.

*          For retention of acquired literacy skills among learners a large number of follow-up materials for continuing education are produced in variety of formats such as cartoon and comic books, games, illustrative and photographic booklets on various issues for enhancing their awareness and functionality and also for cultivating reading habit among the neoliterates.

The process adopted for materials development involves a number of steps:

*          The materials are prepared in workshops involving writers, subject experts, field functionaries and many a times the learners as well.
*          Manuscripts, thus produced, are pre-tested
*          Prototype copies are published and distributed
*          Feedback is taken through studies conducted to further improve the materials and make them need based.

The materials produced by SRC are also available for other NGOs/institutions that take up literacy, life skills education, capacity building work.

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