Education is the key to development. For development to be self-sustaining it has to be accompanied by corresponding changes in the attitudes, values, knowledge and skills of the people and the only way this change can come about is through education. And yet majority population is illiterate. To combat this problem, adult literacy program has been going in one form or the other. Under National Literacy Mission, launched in 1998 the setup for providing academic and technical resource support to adult education program is of State Resource Centres in each State Work as the academic power houses.SRC, Indore, established in 1985, has been allotted to BGMS - a state level NGO, which, for last 37 years has been working for leadership development among rural women. For its outstanding work in the field of adult literacy, the organization had also received Nehru Literacy award in 1979 with support from Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.SRC has been providing qualitative, academic and techno pedagogical resource support to literacy program in Madhya Pradesh since its inception. The support systems include -

*          Development of teaching learning materials
*          Development of training material,
*          Imparting training to literacy functionaries
*          Evaluating TLCs/PLCs,
*          Conducting research studies,
*          Production and distribution of literature for neoliterates
*          Multimedia work and
*          Implementing innovative, supportive and research oriented projects.

In view of the paradigm shift in implementation of adult education program from traditional centre based program to Total Literacy Campaigns to Saakshar Bharat Programme, the SRCs have a multifarious role to play in providing resource support to the districts from the planning stage of literacy programme till their conclusion and then with continuing education. Though SRC does not implement the program but it associates itself closely with the implementing agencies such as Zila Lok Shikshan Samitis (District Literacy Program Committees) and with other agencies like voluntary organizations and educational institutions implementing the program in the state.

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